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About us

Our goal is to provide a wide selection of artistic, heirloom quality, Staunton style chessmen sets and solid wood custom-crafted chessboards at the best possible value for the Chess enthusiast.

By acquiring any of our sets the customer is not just purchasing chessmen but, rather, is investing in hand-carved pieces of art suitable for playing, displaying, and passing down, along with many associated memories, to future generations. Our custom-built boards greatly enhance this pleasurable experience.

We will guarantee you the best available woods, craftsmanship and carving at the best possible value. Our carvers are from the premiere carving center of Amritsar, India. Mr. Mandeep Singh's workshop has the creative touch when it comes to designing and carving truly magical knights and associated Chess sets of the highest quality. The Amritsar Ivory Works are renowned worldwide for their treasured and exquisite handcrafted Chess sets.  The Amritsar Ivory Works and Mr. Mandeep Singh are the best, and we bring their best to you.

Our goal is to provide a selection of beautiful chessboards that will establish your chessmen as the focal point of your room. After all, your Chess set is art. These heirloom chessboards are handcrafted in the United States by two of the best craftsmen available. Mr. Andrew Summerville of Summerville-New England is a national award-winning design engineer and master builder. His boards excel at being striking and impressive with an exceptional quality of work. Mr. Joel Will of Custom Wood Creations has a long track record of creating fabulous boards of beautiful and exotic woods with an eye for perfection. His chessboards are fantastic.

We are promising a large selection of chessmen and chessboards from which to choose a dream set at a price that you are comfortable with. You will also have the knowledge that you are getting the best quality available. We will NOT sell seconds or sets below our quality standards. We fully intend to be here for the long term to assist you.

We guarantee to provide a level of customer service that will make your shopping experience enjoyable. We provide you detailed descriptions of the chessmen along with quality photographs. We are happy to assist you in your search for the perfect set from our selections; and if we don't have what you want, we will find out who, if anybody, does. After you receive your purchase we will be there to answer any questions.

Please read our warranty and return policy. In all cases, please talk to us first if you have a problem with your order. There are options, and we promise to remedy the issue as quickly and as satisfactorily as possible.

Please investigate our Resource and FAQ sections. These sections contain additional information about various chessmen we carry, the woods that are used, carving techniques, selecting a chessboard, care and treatment of your new sets and much more.