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How did Chess Artistry get started?

Chess Artistry was started in 2016 because of a passion for elegant artistic chessmen. I love hand-crafted wooden chess pieces which in their own right can be called modern art, while at the same time being totally practical for playing chess. It heightens the romance and richness of the game. Add a glass of wine or a tumbler of scotch and you are set for the evening.

I appreciate uniqueness in a world of uniformity. Quality and beauty has always caught my eye and these chessmen are no exceptions. Each set is slightly different from the next. Pieces are weighted to give them a solid feel in the hand. Awesome design abounds. Beautiful wood coloring and graining are eye catching. Each piece is handmade. I never get tired of looking at and appreciating them.

I am also all about value. I know with cheap products you get what you pay for. But, why should you overspend for high quality of workmanship just because 'the market' or 'major retailers' demand a high price. There are so few high-quality craftsmen worldwide that create artistic and luxury wooden chess pieces, of this level, that they work for themselves and are not tied solely to any retailer. One must develop relationships to be allowed to present their masterpieces to the world at large. I am pleased to be among the few that have this privilege. When I started Chess Artistry I was determined to make available these highly valued modern masterpieces to everyone at a reasonable price.

Whether you actively play chess or just love the look of a chess set displayed on a table, then I feel that Chess Artistry is a great place to begin your search.

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    Wood carving I like & I like playing chess.

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